News reports continue to flood the airwaves with stories about life-threatening lead in dental crowns made in China. Watch these videos as reporters as well as American victims tell their story of the very real danger from dental labs and dentists who are using Chinese products and materials in dental restorations. Concerned with the health and safety of Americans, the productsand laboratory services offered by Eclipse Dental Inc. are 100% Made in the USA.

  • Faye Lewis’ Experience With China-Made “Lead” Crowns

    Faye Lewis was surprised to discover that the material put in her mouth by her dentist was harmful. Faye’s dentist placed a dental bridge that through independent analysis later proved to contain unsafe, toxic metal compounds, namely cadmium, arsenic and lead. The debate in Florida continues to force manufacturers to reveal the origin of materials and protect patients from harm.

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  • NBC Channel 5 Special Report on Lead in Crowns

    A recent television report on “toxic teeth” has found that dentists are inadvertently placing bridges, crowns and fillings in patients tainted with poisonous lead. The ADA (American Dental Association) has warned that patients are pretty much on their own and should be wary and even investigate the source of materials dentists use for their dental prosthetics and restorations.

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  • Channel 8 Report On The Dangers of Lead In Dental Work

    Broadcast tells of an Ohio woman who suffered lead poisoning from contaminated dental work imported from China. The report further reveals how there are few laws to protect the public from product manufacturers who prioritize profits before safety. For the most part, the public has no idea where materials in their teeth come from, or what deadly toxins are in them.

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  • News Report On Overseas Dental Labs

    Story of how this man trusts his dentist who makes his own crowns and dental restorations. The safety problem of toxic metals found in China imports is a real concern, one that a growing number of patients prefer to avoid. Most dentists rely upon an outside dental lab to provide the work for them. Therein lies the problem — since often the source of materials is questionable.

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  • Ch. 10 Investigation – Lead In Chinese Made Crowns

    More investigations into widespread use of foreign materials containing lead found in dental products. Currently, laboratories are required by law to inform the dentist if they are supplying cheap, inexpensive materials — originating from a company outside the country. Unfortunately, there are no regulatory laws requiring dentists to pass that information on to their patients.

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