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    At Eclipse Dental we constantly improve and invest in the latest YZ Zirconia technology and techniques, giving our doctors and their patients the most esthetic and long lasting restorations available. When you prescribe for an EclipZir, you are getting the most innovative YZ Zirconia technology handcrafted by one of our highly trained technicians.


    BruxZir Solid Zirconia crowns & bridges are made from the highest quality zirconia powder from Japan.  We chemically and physically reprocess the powder to further reduce the zirconia particle sizes. BruxZir milling blanks are then created through a unique patent-pending process. Unlike conventional high-pressure milling blank manufacture, our processing gives BruxZir zirconia improved light transmission, which provides a lower, more natural shade value.



    IPS e.max CAD combines uniqueness and high performance. The innovative lithium disilicate ceramic fulfils the highest esthetic demands and unites state-of-the-art technology with exceptional user-friendliness.

    HT blocks

    These new highly translucent (HT) blocks are used to machine minimally invasive full-contour restorations, for example, inlays, onlays and veneers. These restorations are subsequently characterized with staining materials

    LT blocks

    These blocks showing low translucency (LT) are suitable for fabricating full-contour partial and full crowns. The cut-back technique and subsequent layering with IPS e.max Ceram produces enhanced esthetic results in anterior restorations in particular.

    MO blocks

    Because of their high opacity, IPS e.max CAD MO blocks are used to produce frameworks that are placed on vital and slightly discoloured prepared teeth. The frameworks are veneered with IPS e.max Ceram.


    The Luminesse System from Talladium is the quality standard in metal-free ceramics. This leucite-reinforced, all-ceramic system provides exceptional, metal-free restorative results. Luminesse offers the advantage of superior color matching and excellent fit for crowns, inlays, onlays or veneers. The ceramic material used in Luminesse possesses exceptional strength and because it is biocompatible, it avoids the gingival trauma associated with metal based restorations. Luminesse offers the following advantages: precise fit, natural translucency, biocompatibility, exceptional aesthetics, enhanced durability, and increased strength. The ultimate in metal-free esthetics.


    Due to its excellent mechanical and optical characteristics, 3M™ ESPE™ Lava™ Zirconia can be used for a wide range of indications. Lava™ Zirconia Oxide copings can withstand stresses many times greater than those that occur in patients’ mouths. Lava anterior copings can be fabricated as thin as 0.3 mm. Single unit crowns and bridges with a maximum length of 38mm.

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